Fellow Publishers of Fine Books on Asia

– A selection of books on Asian culture and art from America.

– A growing list of titles on Himalayan topics.

– A selection of books on Thai culture and art from Thailand.
– A large selection of books on all aspects of life in Asia.


– The Orchid Press distributor in North America.

Asian Studies Related

– A site dedicated to the systematic investigation into the world’s greatest archaeological mystery: the ancient Khmer Goddesses of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
– The site of the International Institute for Asian Studies. Located in the Netherlands, the IIAS site is a “gateway to Asian studies.”

– The Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia (IRASEC) works with specialists from all academic fields to study the important social, political, economical and environmental developments that affect, together or separately, the eleven countries of the Southeast Asian region.
– Visit the site for current publications and activities relating to Asian studies.
– Southeast Asia book specialist. Located in Singapore.
– Books about Asia with the focus on Southeast Asia. The site is run by the University of Texas at Austin Asian Studies Network Information Center.

Asian Book Retailers

– For a great selection of both new and antiquarian books on Asia.

Thailand and SE Asia General

Thai Country Trails offers language and cultural training in combination with travel services. Founded by a highly experienced teacher, a first-class licensed guide and a veteran travel insurance assistance expert, Thai Country Trails aims to enrich foreign residents’ lives in Thailand by means of language and cultural education, and to develop ecotourism and community-based tourism.

– An information project on Burma’s human rights and environmental issues, founded by the author, Edith Mirante of recently published books The Wind in the Bamboo (Orchid Press 2014) and Down the Rat Hole (Orchid Press 2005).

Asian Arts

– Visit this site for the latest in articles, exhibition updates and book reviews on Asian art.

House of Oriental & Tibetan Antiques & Arts - a new venue for art lovers and connoisseurs in suburban Bangkok

– a link with details of an important Buddhist art preservation project ongoing in Bhutan

– an exciting gallery for Asian contemporary art, focussed on talented artists from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma

Asian Literature

Asian Review of Booksexternal_link
– A dynamic and very useful site with loads of book reviews - fiction & non-fiction, Asian related and other titles. New reviews appear almost daily.

Man Hong Kong International Literary Festivalexternal_link
– This annual Festival’s aim is to ‘fan a passion for English literature with an Asian focus’. Named ‘Best of Asia’ by Time Magazine!

Ubud Writers & Readers Festivalexternal_link
– An exciting, internationally acclaimed, festival held annually in Bali, to bring together writers, readers, artists and performers from Indonesia, South-East Asia and the West.

Travel Related
– “one of the very best travel lists” William Dalrymple