E-books Available from Orchid Press

Recognizing the rapidly growing importance of electronic editions, Orchid Press is embarking on a program to offer a significant number of our publications in electronic form. These will include primarily e-book editions in appropriate formats of our own published titles, both those now available in printed edition and those no longer in print. We will also offer, from time to time, other e-book editions of distributed titles – those not published by ourselves.
   At present there are a multitude of e-book formats used by various sectors of the publishing industry—and the number of such formats is still growing. Some are of quite limited application and in all likelihood some others may fall by the wayside in future.
   Our current plans are to offer all e-book titles in optional EPUB, MOBI and interactive PDF format.


What does this mean for the e-book buyer? Obviously it is important that one purchases an e-book edition that is fully compatible with the reader device that the buyer intends to use. As a general guideline only, and not necessarily an exhaustive list, following is an indication of devices that are compatible with our currently available formats. Some readers that are compatible with the EPUB and PDF formats have only monochrome displays and are thus not recommended unless the purchaser accepts the loss of color illustrations in the book.
   (If there are further questions not addressed in the following list concerning compatibility of your reader with any of the formats we offer, please refer to your reader’s supplier or manufacturer for further clarification):
DEVICE EPUB Interactive
Adobe Digital Editions X X  
Aldiko X X  
Andriod device with Kindle app     X
Android device with Mantano Reader X X  
Android device with Moon+ Reader X X  
Amazon Kindle Fire   X X
Amazon Kindle readers   X
Apple Computer running current OS X X X  
Apple iPad with iBooks app X X  
Apple iPad with Kindle app     X
Apple iPhone with iBooks app X X  
Apple iPod Touch with iBooks app X X  
B&N Nook X X  
BeBook X X X
Blackberry Playbook X X  
Bookeen Cybook Gen3 (V.2 or above) X X X
Bookeen Cybook Opus X X X
BookGlutton X X  
Computer running current Windows X X  
Computer running Firefox EPUBReader X X  
EZ Reader on any compatible device X X X
FBReader X X  
iRex Digital Reader X X X
iRex iLiad     X
Hanlin V.3 X X X
Kobo eReader X X  
Lexcycle Stanza X X  
MobiPocket Reader on any compatible device     X
Okular X X  
Onyx BOOX readers X X X
Sony Reader X X  
WordPlayer X X  


Calibre is one of the most powerful tools available today for the overall management of an e-book library, the conversion of one format to another, and the resolution of compatibility issues between e-book formats and the many readers on the market.
   This free and open source e-book library management application, compatible with any computer running Windows, OS X or Linux operating systems is available for download HERE.external_link