Orchid Books by Title

Adventures of a Tibetan Fighting Monk Khedrup, Tashi Asian Portraits
Against The Current Messerschmidt, Donald A. Asian Portraits
Agile Hands and Creative Minds Johnson, Donald Clay Central Asian Studies
Angels and Devils Murray, David Individual Titles
Angkor and Cambodia in the Sixteenth Century B-P Groslier (translated by Michael Smithies) Bibliotheca Asiatica
Angkor—Before and After Snellgrove, David Orchid Books
Angkor Observed Rooney, Dawn Orchid Guides
Annals of the Purple City Lees, Frederick Individual Titles
Anthology of Buddhist Tantic Songs Kvêrne, Per Individual Titles
Architecture And Its Models In South-East Asia Dumarçay, Jacques Individual Titles
Armies of Angkor, The Michel Jacq-Hergoualc’h (trans. by Michael Smithies) Bibliotheca Asiatica
Art & Archaeology of Fu Nan Khoo, James C. M. (Editor) Orchid Books
Asian Commitment Snellgrove, David Asian Portraits
At Home in the World Fisher, James F. Bibliotheca Himalayica
Back To Mandalay Abbott, Gerry Asian Portraits
Badi of West Nepal, The Thomas Cox Central Asian Studies
Ballads of Burma Oolay Colonial Library
Before Kampuchea Osborne, Milton Individual Titles
Beyond The Pancake Trench Vater, Tom Individual Titles
Bhikkhu Inwood, Kristiaan Asian Portraits
Bibliography of Ladakh Bray, John and Shakspo, Nawang Tsering Central Asian Studies
Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas Messerschmidt, Don Individual Titles
Brahmanical Gods in Burma Ray, Niharranjan Bibliotheca Asiatica
Bridge of Dreams, A Erker, Ezra Kyrill Individual Titles
British Humiliation of Burma, The Blackburn, Terrence Individual Titles
Buddhapada de Guerny, Jacques Orchid Books
Buddha’s Life, The Roscoe, Gerald Individual Titles
Buddhist Daily Ritual Sharkey, Gregory Central Asian Studies
Buddhist Healing in Laos Tomecko, Denise Orchid Books
Buddhist Himalaya Snellgrove, David Central Asian Studies
Buddhist Murals Of Pagan, The Bautze-Picron, Claudine Orchid Books
Buddhist Temple Life in Laos Schrama, Ilse & Birgit Orchid Books
Burma: A Handbook of Practical Information Scott, James George Bibliotheca Asiatica
Burma’s Icy Mountains Kingdon-Ward, Frank Bibliotheca Asiatica
Burma’s Lost Kingdoms Pamela Gutman Orchid Books
Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit (Burmese) Clements, Alan and Kean, Leslie Books in Thai, Burmese and other languages
Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit (English) Clements, Alan and Kean, Leslie Individual Titles
Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit (Thai) Clements, Alan and Kean, Leslie Books in Thai, Burmese and other languages
Burmese Empire a Hundred Years Ago, The Sangermano, Vincenzo Bibliotheca Asiatica
Burmese Lacquerware Fraser-Lu, Sylvia Orchid Books
Burnished Beauty Frape, Christopher J. Orchid Books
Caged Ones, The Hla, Ludu U. Asian Portraits
Cambodian Interlude Riddle, Tom Individual Titles
Capital and Karma Jaer, Øyvind Individual Titles
Caste and Kinship in a Modern Hindu Society Pickett, Mark Bibliotheca Himalayica
Charles Masson of Afghanistan Whitteridge, Gordon Central Asian Studies
Chinese Shadow Theatre Libretti Broman, Sven Orchid Books
Chinese Weapons Werner, E.T.C. Bibliotheca Asiatica
Climatic Guide to Asia, A Milleville, René de Orchid Guides
Contributions to the Anthropology of Nepal Christoph von Führer, Haimendorf Central Asian Studies
Corèe-Korea Hamel, Hendrik Bibliotheca Asiatica
Crime and Punishment in Ancient China van Gulik, R. H. Individual Titles
Crucifying The Orient Sahni, Kalpana Individual Titles
Cultural Heritage of Ladakh V. I Snellgrove, David and Skorupski, Tadeusz Central Asian Studies
Cultural Heritage of Ladakh V. II Snellgrove, David and Skorupski, Tadeusz Central Asian Studies
Cultural History Of Tibet, The Snellgrove, David L. and Richardson, Hugh E. Central Asian Studies
Curry and Rice on Forty Plates Atkinson, George Francklin Colonial Library
Description of the Kingdom of Siam 1690, A Kaempfer, Engelbert Bibliotheca Asiatica
Dhammayangyi Finger, Hans W. Individual Titles
Diplomat in Siam, A Satow, Ernest Bibliotheca Asiatica
Down the Rat Hole Mirante, Edith Individual Titles
Dreamworld Tibet Martin Brauen Orchid Books
Dutch Mandarin:The Life and Work of Robert Hans van Gulik C. D. Barkman & H. de Vries-van der Hoeven Asian Portraits
Early Sino-Tibetan Art Stoddard, Heather Central Asian Studies
Eastern Tibet Baumer, Christoph Orchid Books
Edible Wild Plants of Vietnam Dr Yoshitaka Tanaka
& Dr Nguyen Van Ke
Individual Titles
English Girl’s First Impressions of Burmah, An Ellis, Beth Colonial Library
Essential Thai Higbie, James Individual Titles
Festivals and Flowers of the Twelve Burmese Seasons Chit, Khin Myo and Thet, Paw Oo Orchid Books
The First Lady Lees, Frederick Individual Titles
Flame Tree Dahlberg, Keith Individual Titles
Forty Delicious Years 1974-2014 Copeland, J., Goodfellow, R. & O’Neill, P. Asian Portraits
Four Lamas of Dolpo Vol. I Snellgrove, David L. Central Asian Studies
Four Lamas of Dolpo Vol. II Snellgrove, David L. Central Asian Studies
Fragments from the Past O’Hara, Randolph Asian Portraits
Frontier Mosaic Richard Humphries Asian Portraits
Gentleman in the Parlour, The Maugham, W. Somerset Bibliotheca Asiatica
George Leigh Mallory: A Memoir Pye, David Individual Titles
George Mallory Robertson, David Individual Titles
Gods Are Leaving the Country, The Schick, Jürgen Orchid Books
Golden Land, The O’Hara, Randolph Asian Portraits
Good Life, The Roscoe, Gerald Individual Titles
Great Po Sein, The Sein, Maung Khe and Withey, Joseph A. Asian Portraits
Guide to Colonial Sources on Burma, A Sadan, Mandy Individual Titles
Hayagriva: Horse Culture in Asia van Gulik, R. H. Orchid Books
Hevajra Tantra, The Snellgrove, David Central Asian Studies
Hill of Fire, The Bose, Monica Asian Portraits
Himalayan Pilgrimage Snellgrove, David Central Asian Studies
History of Burma, A Phayre, Sir Arthur Bibliotheca Asiatica
History of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, A Morris, Virginia with Hills, Clive Individual Titles
Homecoming, The O’Hara, Randolph Asian Portraits
Horace in Burma Symns, J.M. Colonial Library
Illusion of Life: Burmese Marionettes Ma Thanegi Orchid Books
Illustrated Handbook of Indian Arms, An Egerton, Wilbrahim Bibliotheca Asiatica
In Buddha’s Land Min, Moe Orchid Books
In Defence of Identity Sakhong, Lian H. Individual Titles
In Farthest Burma Kingdon-Ward, Frank Bibliotheca Asiatica
In Pursuit Of Heavenly Harmony Chang, Joseph and Bai Qianshen Orchid Books
In Search of Sunlight Koetsawang, Pim Asian Portraits
Indo-Tibetan Buddhism Snellgrove, David L. Central Asian Studies
Introduction to Classical Tibetan, An Hodge, Stephen Central Asian Studies
Introduction to Thai Reading Rungrat Luanwarawat Individual Titles
Journal du Voyage de Siam Choisy, L’Abbé de Bibliotheca Asiatica
Journal of a Tour through Pegu & Martaban Provinces Abreu, Robert Bibliotheca Asiatica
Journal of a Voyage up the Irrawaddy Wheeler, Talboys Bibliotheca Asiatica
Journey To Mustang Tucci, Giuseppe Bibliotheca Himalayica
Karakorum Himalaya: A Bibliography Allan, Nigel J.R. Central Asian Studies
Keris and Other Malay Weapons Gardner, Gerald B. Bibliotheca Asiatica
Khmer Civilization and Angkor Snellgrove, David Orchid Guides
Khmer Costumes and Ornaments Marchal, Sappho Individual Titles
Kinwun Min-Gyi’s London Diary, The Bagshawe, L. E. Asian Portraits
Land of Jade Lintner, Bertil Individual Titles
Language of Paper, The Weber, Therese Orchid Books
Languages and History Miller, Roy Andrew Individual Titles
Lao Roots Asmussen, Fleur Brofos Asian Portraits
Lao Close Encounters Burton, John Orchid Books
Laos: Caught in the Web Rantala, Judy Austin Asian Portraits
Last Wali of Swat, The Barth, Fredrik Asian Portraits
Let’s Speak Lao Higbie, James Individual Titles
Let’s Speak Thai Higbie, James Individual Titles
Letters from a Burmese Grandfather O’Hara, Randolph Asian Portraits
The Lion and the Peacock O’Hara, Randolph Asian Portraits
Little Luminous Boy, The Karmay, Samten G. Orchid Books
Living Fabric Ahmen, Monisha Orchid Books
Living with the Desert Beazley, Elisabeth and Harverson, Michael Central Asian Studies
Lore of the Chinese Lute, The van Gulik, R. H. Individual Titles
Malay Poisons and Charm Cures Gimlette, John D. Individual Titles
Mandarin Havan, John Individual Titles
Mara in the Land of Smiles Mayo-Smith, Ian Individual Titles
Memories from afar O’Hara, Randolph Asian Portraits
Mi Fu on Inkstones van Gulik, R. H. Individual Titles
Monastic Life, The Roscoe, Gerald Individual Titles
Moine et le philosophe, Le: le bouddhisme aujourd’hui Revel, Jean-François & Matthieu Ricard Books in Thai, Burmese and other languages
Modern De Quincey, A Robinson, H. R. Asian Portraits
Moran of Kathmandu Messerschmidt, Donald A. Asian Portraits
Murderous Revolution, The Ung, Bunhaeng and Fox, Martin Stuart Asian Portraits
Naga of Burma, The Saul, Jamie Orchid Books
Naga’s Journey, The Bunnag, Tew Individual Titles
Newar Art Macdonald, A.W. and Stahl, Anne Vergati Central Asian Studies
Nine Ways of Bön, The Snellgrove, David Central Asian Studies
North of India Robertson, David Asian Portraits
Note on a Tour in Burma Oertel, F.O. Bibliotheca Asiatica
Of Wool and Loom Tashi, Kesang and Chodrak, Trinlay Orchid Books
On the Road to Mandalay Tint, Mya Than Asian Portraits
On the Road to Mandalay (Thai) Tint, Mya Than Books in Thai, Burmese and other languages
Our Trip to Burmah Gordon, Charles Alexander Bibliotheca Asiatica
Outline of the History of the Catholic Burmese Mission, An Bigandet, Paul Ambrose Bibliotheca Asiatica
Peacock’s Children, The Webb, Paul Individual Titles
Peasants and Workers in Nepal Seddon, D., Blakie, P. and Cameron, J. Central Asian Studies
Peter Aufschnaiter’s Eight Years In Tibet Brauen, Martin Asian Portraits
Pilgrim Tax and Temple Scandals Mukherjee, Sir Prabhat Individual Titles
Pilpay’s Fables Burton, Richard Orchid Books
Plant Hunter in Tibet, A Kingdon-Ward, Frank Bibliotheca Asiatica
Portuguese Pioneers Of Vietnamese Jacques, Roland Individual Titles
Precious Materials in Asian History Laufer, Berthold Individual Titles
Princely States of India Henige, David Central Asian Studies
Progressive Thai Luanwarawat, Rungrat Individual Titles
Quest for Kibi, The Gorman, Michael Orchid Books
Religion as History—Religion as Myth Snellgrove, David Individual Titles
Religions of the Hindukush Jettmar, Karl Central Asian Studies
Resunga Ramirez, Philippe (ed.) Bibliotheca Himalayica
Return to the Irrawaddy Kingdon-Ward, Frank Bibliotheca Asiatica
Rough Pencillings of a Rough Trip to Rangoon in 1846 Grant, Colesworthy Bibliotheca Asiatica
Sacred Footprint, The Aksland, Markus Orchid Guides
Sacred Painting In Bali Thomas L. Cooper Orchid Books
Samsara Adams, David Orchid Books
Sanctuaries Bouddhiques du Ladakh Tchekhoff, Geneviève et Comolli, Yvan Bibliotheca Asiatica
Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma Ray, Niharranjan Bibliotheca Asiatica
Scholars’ Rocks In Ancient China Hu, Kemin Orchid Books
Scrapbook for Chinese Collectors van Gulik, R. H. Individual Titles
Second Burmese War, The Laurie, William F.B. Bibliotheca Asiatica
Secrets of Bali Copeland, Jonathan with Ni Wayan Murni Individual Titles
Shadows of Life: Nang Talung Broman, Sven Orchid Books
The Shapes and Sounds of the Lao Language Dale, David Individual Titles
Shigaraki Potters’ Valley Cort, Allison Louise Orchid Books
Shiva Fouche, Paula and Tomecko, Denise Orchid Books
Siam: An Account of the Country and it’s People Thompson, P.A. Bibliotheca Asiatica
Le Siam et les Siamois Lajonquière, E. Lunet de Bibliotheca Asiatica
Siam: The Land of the White Elephant Bacon, George B. (compiled) and Wells, F.W. (revised) Bibliotheca Asiatica
Siamese Bestiary Inwood, Kristiaan Individual Titles
Sierra Leone: Inside the War Higbie, James & Moigula, Bernard S. Individual Titles
Siamese Fairy Tale, A W. Somerset Maugham Orchid Books
Sindh Jo Ajrak Bilgrami, Noorjehan Orchid Books
Sketches In India Ink Smith, John Jnr. Colonial Library
Songs of a Desert Optimist Symns, J.M. Colonial Library
Soul of a People, The Hall, Harold Fielding Bibliotheca Asiatica
Southern Silk Road Baumer, Christoph Orchid Books
South China in the Sixteenth Century Boxer, C. R. Bibliotheca Asiatica
Spell of China Bell, Archie Individual Titles
Spell of Japan Anderson, Isabel Individual Titles
Splendour in Wood Lu, Sylvia Fraser Orchid Books
Studies in the Archaeology of India and Pakistan Jacobson, Jerome Central Asian Studies
Sulima Pagoda, The Theophile, Erich and Gutschow, Niels Orchid Books
Summit of Treasures Howard, Angela Falco Orchid Books
Sutasoma O’Brien, Kate Individual Titles
Talaings, The Halliday, Robert Bibliotheca Asiatica
Temples and Elephants Bock, Carl Bibliotheca Asiatica
Thai Law: Buddhist Law Huxley, Andrew Individual Titles
Thai Signs and Other Writings Luanwarawat, Rungrat and Heijstee, Lucius Individual Titles
Thai Reference Grammar Higby, James and Thinsan, Snea Individual Titles
Theravada Buddhism in Burma Ray, Niharranjan Bibliotheca Asiatica
Three Military Accounts of the 1688 ‘Revolution’ in Siam Desfarges and De La Touche Bibliotheca Asiatica
Three Years In Tibet Kawaguchi, Ekai Bibliotheca Himalaya
Through Western Eyes Chan, Mimi Individual Titles
Tibet’s Ancient Religion Bön Baumer, Christoph Orchid Books
Tibetan Amulets Skorupski, Tadeusz Orchid Books
Tibetan Carpet, The Denwood, Philip Central Asian Studies
Tibetan Rugs Kuløy, Hallvard Kåre Orchid Books
Tibetan Sacred Art Lauf, Detelf Ingo Orchid Books
Tibetan Studies Aris, Michael and Aung San Suu Kyi Central Asian Studies
Tiger General, The Havan, John Individual Titles
Tiger Men Petersen, Barry Asian Portraits
Traditional Bhutanese Textiles Adams, Barbara Orchid Books
Trans-Himalayan Traders Fisher, James F. Individual Titles
Trans-Himalayan Traders Transformed Fisher, James F. Individual Titles
Traveller’s History of Burma, The Abbott, Gerry Orchid Guides
Trees and Fruits of Southeast Asia Jensen, Michael Orchid Guides
Twenty-One Days in India Mackay-Abereigh, George Colonial Library
Two Yankee Diplomats in Siam Roberts and Ruschenberger Bibliotheca Asiatica
Urban Bangkok Leroy, Joakim Orchid Books
Vanishing Tradition Zwerger, Klaus Orchid Books
Vapour Trails Rajasaari, Tarmo Asian Portraits
Village Vignettes Smithies, Michael Asian Portraits
Voyage au Nèpal Bon, Gustave Le Bibliotheca Asiatica
Voyage to Nepal Bon, Gustave Le Bibliotheca Asiatica
Voyage to Siam Tachard, Guy Bibliotheca Asiatica
Wanderings of a Naturalist in India Adams, Andrew Leith Bibliotheca Himalaya
Way with Words, A Hoëm, Ingjerd Individual Titles
Welcome to Burma Syrota, Timothy Individual Titles
What Do You Pack? Di Marco, Roberto Individual Titles
Whispers at the Pagoda Sell, Julie Asian Portraits
Wild Orchids of Myanmar Vol. 3 Tanaka, Dr Yoshitaka Orchid Books
William Woodville Rockhill Wimmel, Kenneth Asian Portraits
Wind in the Bamboo Mirante, Edith Individual Titles
Wonderland of Burmese Legends, A Chit, Khin Myo Orchid Books
World. Wide. Web Lintner, Bertil Individual Titles
Woven Mystery Page, John and Serina Orchid Books
Zangskar and the Cave Temples of Ladakh Snellgrove, David and Skorupski, Tadeusz Central Asian Studies