Book Reviews

Against the Current

Agile Hands and Creative Minds

Angels and Devils

Angkor and Cambodia in the 16th Century

Angkor - Before and After

Angkor Observed

The Armies of Angkor

Art & Archaeology of Funan

At Home in the World

Back to Mandalay

Beyond the Pancake Trench


Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas

The British Humiliation of Burma

Buddha’s Life
An exerpt

The Buddhist Murals of Pagan

Buddhist Temple Life
Translated from the Dutch

A Handbook of Practical Information

Burma’s Lost Kingdoms

Burmese Lacquerware

Burnished Beauty

Cambodian Interlude

Caste and Kinship in a Modern Hindu Society

Crucifying the Orient

Diplomat in Siam

Down the Rat Hole

Dreamworld Tibet

Forty Delicious Years

Frontier Mosaic

The Gods are Leaving the Country

Hill of Fire

A History of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Illusion of Life: Burmese Marionettes

In Pursuit of Heavenly Harmony

In Search of Sunlight

Journal of a Voyage up the Irrawaddy

Keris and Other Malay Weapons

Khmer Costumes and Ornaments

The Kinwun Min-Gyi’s London Diary

Lao Roots

Laos: Caught in the Web
Letters from a Burmese Grandfather

Living Fabric

Mara in the Land of Smiles

A Modern De Quincey

The Monk and the Philosopher
(interview with the author)

Moran of Kathmandu

The Naga of Burma

The Naga’s Journey

The Nine Ways of Bön

North of India

Of Wool and Loom:
The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs

On the Road to Mandalay

Outline of the History of the Catholic Burmese Mission:
From the Year 1720 to 1857

Peter Aufschnaiter’s Eight Years in Tibet

Pilpay’s Fables

Portuguese Pioneers of Vietnamese Linguistics

The Sacred Footprint

Sacred Painting in Bali

Secrets of Bali

Siamese Bestiary

Southern Silk Road

Splendour in Wood

The Sulima Pagoda


Thai Law: Buddhist Law

Thai Reference Grammar

Three Military Accounts of The 1688 ‘Revolution’ in Siam

Tibetan Rugs

Tibet’s Ancient Religion Bön

The Tiger General

Tiger Men

Two Yankee Diplomats in 1830s Siam

Vapour Trails

Village Vignettes

Welcome to Burma

What Do You Pack? If You’re Never Coming Back…

Whispers at the Pagoda

William Woodville Rockhill